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answer yes and no question tarot cardsAnswering Yes/No Questions Using Tarot – Tarot Elements
If you normally use reversed tarot cards in your readings, then using them in your yes/no questions makes sense. Based on the very popular Answering Yes/No Questions Using Tarot post, this is a simple & accessible service available to you for a very lovely £2 per question.

Answering Yes Or No Questions In A Tarot Card… – Emilie Moe
Oh the struggle for a beginner tarot reader of drawing a tarot card and not knowing the answer to a simple yes or no question. To make things worse the little white book that came with the Rider Waite tarot cards just had key words with no clear answer.

Tarot: Yes-or-No Questions | Jase on Cards
I don't know if these people don't like yes-or-no questions in general, or they believe other media can navigate these binary shoals better than tarot. So it seems to me that we can choose to find the answer to a yes-or-no question in the cards, provided we are willing to look for it.

Asking YES/NO Questions with Your Tarot Cards | Daily Tarot Girl
Why is the Tarot so hopeless at answering your Yes/No questions? Here's my take on it – the Tarot is a reflection of the world around you. Hi Daily Tarot Girl! I love this and think it's very true. I have used the old pull three cards and if most are upright it's a yes and reversed is a no, but even with that…

BTP34: 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Answer Yes / No tarot readings
You name it, those kinds of yes, no questions are coming your way, trust me. So how do you respond? Do you say no way José, my Tarot cards can never give a yes or no answer?

How do you ask yes and no Tarot Card questions?
Answer by X-Wolf I've seen it done this way: if you ask a yes or no question and draw an upright card, it means yes, if you draw reversed, it means Is it ok to ask frivolous questions with my tarot cards? I don't use them much, but I picked them up recently and have been asking silly questions.

Tarot Past, Present and Future | YES OR NO TAROT
Yes or no tarot. Sometimes we need answers to our concerns, the reading that answers a concrete and specific question with accuracy. The Yes and No TAROT, get rid of your doubts easily. Schuffle the 22 major arcana and select one card .

Dream Intuition | Amswering Yes / No Questions with Tarot Readings
Tarot readers often try to rephrase yes/no questions to be more open-ended because that kind of narrow So, if all three cards are upright, the answer is, "Most definitely, yes!" If two are upright, and one is reversed, the answer is, "Most likely, but there are issues that still need attending to."

Tarot Readings – Yes-No Decisions | Additional Cards
Choose a yes/no question that you would like to know the answer to, or ask one of your friends or family to give you a yes/no question that they would like to have answered. Wheel of Change tarot cards © 1997 Alexandra Genetti.

The Top 10 Most Troubling Yes or No Questions Tarot Can Answer
Remember, the cards will only answer those questions close to your heart, nobody else's. The two of cups represents harmony, togetherness, and a bond forged by love. If you need an answer to your own 'Yes' or 'No' questions, make sure you get a free tarot reading.

Ace = yes, 10 = no, and how many cards it took to get there corresponds to a major arcana card, which gives more insight. On April 4, 2015 at 12:04 am Answering Yes/No Questions Using Tarot | Tarot Elements said

Online Oracles – Yes and No Oracle, answers for your yes…
The Yes No Oracle with Tarot cards The Yes or No Tarot oracle will help you to find your right way on the path of life. You can ask the oracle any question, which can be answered with a YES or with a NO.

Answering Yes/No Questions on the Tarot – Mynas' Moon
We often use the Tarot to answer open-ended questions, but occasionally we are presented with questions where it would be nice to have a direct yes or no answer. As always, the first thing to do is to shuffle your cards while you ask your yes/no question. For this method of reading, I like to…

Yes Or No Tarot | Free Tarot Card Reading Online ~ TarotYesorNo
The fortune teller is ready to answer your questions with a yes no tarot card reading. If you are looking to find best and simple yet accurate answers to your yes or no questions then getting a free yes or no tarot reading now can be a big help.

Framing Tarot Card Reading Questions | Yes / No Questions
If you want the cards to answer your questions correctly and properly, you need to know how to frame the questions for your Tarot card Reading. These are the second most asked questions after the "Yes / No" questions. Clients usually want to know when a certain type of event or situation in their…

Can places correspond to Tarot cards? | Yahoo Answers
Best Answer: Yes, tarot cards can indeed represent a place. Here are some examples of how the cards can correspond to an actual physical location They are sacred and we are not allowed to ask any unserious question(like "how will be the weather tomorrow", "am I beautiful or not", yes-no…

Can tarot answer yes or no questions? – Seven Destinies
Can tarot answer yes or no questions? Posted on 02.27.15 by Tia. Some readers interpret yes/no questions depending on if the card is upright or reversed, if the card is a major or minor, specific intricacies of cards, the general feel of the card, and many other ideologies.

Answering Yes/No Questions Using The Manara Tarot
Usually, I do not ask Yes or No questions on Manara tarot( Prefer Not To),but If you want to get your questions answered with a yes or no tarot . I ask a yes/no question and draw a single tarot card.Then based on my own positive or negative association with the card decide answer is Yes…

Yes No Tarot | Per Aspera Ad Astra
Tarot YES or NO think about a question answerable by YES or NO and choose one Tarot card. The Yes Or No Tarot is the perfect tarot reading for those who are seeking for a simple yet accurate answer to a yes no question.

List of Yes / No Tarot Card Meanings for Love & Romance Questions
Personally, when reading for myself, I don't use Court Cards to answer yes-no questions. If I turn one over when asking a yes/no type question, I take it as a sign that I'm not meant to ask at this point in time. List of Yes-No Tarot Card meanings for Love & Relationship Tarot Readings

Answering Yes-No Questions with the Tarot | World Psychic…
Answering Yes-No Questions with the Tarot. Posted on May 27, 2013 by Jeanne Mayell. Until I found this spread, I discouraged yes-no questions because they give too much power to the cards, without providing much insight.

Answering Yes or No Questions Tarot Card during a Reading Session
After shuffling the cards, you can type your name and a Yes/No question to the available boxes, and then, draw a randomly single card. How to determine which Yes/No Tarot cards suit yourself? The answer is – based on your own positive or negative association with the card.

Yes or No Questions – Free Tarot Reading Online
Yes or No questions during a Tarot Reading. But is it a good way to obtain valuable answers from the reading? I think no! Just because tarot cards are not able to unveil the future in this simplified way.

Yes NO Tarot Spread: Oracle Readings, Free Spreads, Sample…
If you are new to Tarot cards this reading will give an initial sense of the cards and their meanings. Once you obtain your answer it is useful to look a little deeper into the meaning of the cards you drew. Instructions. 1. Shuffle the cards as you focus on your YES/NO question.

Answering Yes/No questions using tarot. –
In tarot, this is the most frequent way of getting a Yes/No answer. Due to the fact that every card can be either positive or negative, in tarot turning tarot cards is used. Just remember: asking silly question – getting silly answer :) Author of the Tarot deck: Tarot by Alexander Daniloff.

Letting Spirit Speak: Finding Answers to Yes or No Questions…
When you want an answer to a yes or no question, sometimes the nuanced readings of both Tarot and astrology can cause more confusion than clarity. For those times when consulting the Tarot cards or an astrological chart aren't appropriate for your situation…

Tarot Yes No Method – psychic-readings-stories
The Love Tarot answers Yes or No Questions. Try the yes or no tarot cards method. Make a good read before you are following the instructions. First please consider whether you really want to use the Oracle decision.

This FREE Yes or No Tarot Reading Gives Accurate Answers
That guarantees you the most accurate tarot card reading and gets you the most clear yes no answer. When you're stressed out, it's hard to ask the tarot yes no questions because you are emotionally biased.

Yes / No Tarot Reading –
Yes / No Tarot. Need an answer and advice on something ASAP? This popular reading gives you a simple yes or no and straightforward advice. Focus on your question and select your card now!

Yes and no tarot accurate –
Tarot Lesson – Yes/No Questions Technique and Spread #1. How do you answer a Yes/No question? Getting a Simple Yes-No Answer with Oracle Cards. EaLink – Kids Go Free with SeaLink to Kangaroo Island! Make your next family holiday to Kangaroo Island!

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