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Method 1 – Calculating One Birth Card. Add each number in your birthdate. For example, if your birthday is April 7, 1969, you will add 7 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 9 = 36. This is really an eye -opener. I am new to Tarot card reading . I find it very fascinating.

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Celebrate birthdays the cosmic way! Raise a glass to every zodiac sign with birthday Astrology and shareable birthday cards for each of the 12 signs. Get a FREE tarot reading using the Ukiyoe deck.

Tarot Card Reading
Tarot Card Reading. Will you become rich after few years? Will your love life be happy? Find Your Birth Date's Hidden Secrets. Your date of birth determines your entire life. Know amazing things about yourself right away.

Tarot Birth Card Calculator – discover your cards
Free Tarot Card Reading. Tarot Birth Cards Calculator. The archetypes of the Major Arcana (excluding the Fool) can be used to determine an individual's life path (or the theme for each lifetime).

A happy birthday tarot spread – Little Red Tarot
It's symmetrical – because I bloody love symmentry, and it's got 'card pairs', cos I love how cards become more than the sum of their parts when you read them together. [I used this spread for my own birthday tarot reading – you can read that here.]

Free Online Tarot Reading | The card positions represent
Your Free Online Tarot Card Reading Starts Here … no fee, no ads, no catch, no nonsense! Choose 6 cards from below and click the Get My Reading button!

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Each Tarot card tells a story about you and your future and past. When you are reading tarot cards, you are connecting with universe on a deep, psychic level, where shadows fall in the dark. Universal Day. Happy Birthday!

Your Tarot Birth Card – Michele Knight
Free Tarot Reading – Your Immediate Future. Quantum Creating. Your interactive Angel Card reading. Talking to your Angel with Our Psychic Rosemary. Secrets of the Archangels Revealed.

The Tarot School: Birth Card Notebook
Birth Cards: part of the system of Tarot Psychology developed by The Tarot School. What you are about to read are notes, not a finished work. They are an attempt to evoke the mysterious beginnings of human identity from the images and tradition of a single deck of tarot cards.

Tarot Cards
Your Birthday Report – 50% OFF Predictions about the year ahead guaranteed to give you the direction. Tarot The Tarot card readings are not merely about fortune telling. Numerology What's in a number?

Tarot Card Reading | Sun Signs | Birthday Horoscope
Tarot Card Reading. admin Leave a comment. Tarot Reading. Do you want to know if your choice of love is the right one for you? Do you want to know if the job you applied for is going to be good for you?

Tarot Card Spreads | Different Types | Free Reading
Listed below are some tarot card spreads using the popular Rider-Waite tarot deck, which are also used for free readings in the Oracle Room. The birthday spread is used to help you plot a course toward achieving specific goals before your next birthday.

Free Birthday Tarot Reading for Leo 2014
A free birthday tarot card reading for Leo, July 23 – Aug 22, 2014 using the Animal Wisdom Tarot by Dawn Brunke. Happy Birthday! Thank you for visiting me today for your free single tarot card reading.

Free Tarot Readings
Tarot Cards are an ancient method of foretelling events which may occur in a person's future. To obtain a reading, select a spread from those listed below and click the "Shuffle and Read" link. Think of what you would like to accomplish before your next birthday and click below.

Free Tarot Readings – Tarot Spreads Include Celtic Cross, Star…
Focus on the objectives to achieve before your next birthday and click "Free Tarot Reading" for your free Birthday Tarot spread. This simple three card Tarot reading indicates what forces will influence your day.

Tarot Cards
Free Tarot Reading. The actual origins of Tarot cards are steeped in myth and mystery. One myth suggests that early Christians used story-cards, which later became the tarot, to spread the story of Christ under the noses of the Romans.

Free Tarot Card Reading, Love Tarot, Daily Tarot Cards 2016
Free tarot reading and tarot cards. The best tarot readings from sites using card spreads from the major and minor arcana. Birthday horoscopes, based on your birth place, birth date and time are the most accurate readings available.

The 5 Best Tarot Card Readers in San Diego, CA 2016
They offer astrology birth chart and personality analysis, tarot card readings, and more. See other requests for tarot card readers in San Diego. "Need a Tarot Card Reader for Child's Birthday Party". Irvine, CA. Reading type.

Tarot & Cartomancy – Free Psychic Network | Hybrid Tarot Reading
Hybrid Tarot Reading. While The Tarot is usually used to explore personal issues through readings, it is also possible to combine Numerology and Tarot to establish a set of personal Tarot cards based upon your name and birth date.

Tarot CardS Reading Meaning Interpretation Tarot Spreads & Layouts
Tarot Cards Reading Meaning. March 21 to April 20 – Aries sign description and personality. The first zodiacal sign, it is representing the beginning of all things in the world. Horoscope profile for your Birthday.

Free Tarot Card Reading – from!
A Tarot Card Reading is a wonderful way to gleam insights into your life and find resolutions to obstacles you have faced, are facing, and will face in the future. The three cards you choose in your free Tarot reading will take on a journey through your past, present, and future.

Unique Tarot Readings
Daily Tarot Reading. Love Tarot Readings. Card of the Day. The High Priestess The mysterious High Priestess closely guards her secrets and occult wisdom.

Tarot Reading | Free Tarot Card Readings | Birthday Spread
Free Tarot Readings. Tarot Cards are an ancient method of foretelling events which may occur in a person's future. The birthday spread is used to help plot a course toward achieving goals you would like to realize before your next birthday.
FREE – – Your horoscope according to the Tarot – Free …

3 Card Tarot Reading | Glo
Get a 3 Card Reading on the new lifestyle site covering all of the best in style and fashion, beauty tips, home decor, and relationship advice. Tarot Card of the Day Your Daily Reading ». Tarot Love Compatibility Is it true love ».

Top 10 Free Tarot Reading Sites
For free Tarot readings, you are able to choose from a basic six card spread, a daily tarot rhythm, and a court card. The six card spread is taken from the major arcana and is, as far as free readings go, freakishly…

FREE Tarot Readings
. Free Tarot Reading. Today's Featured Decks. Spread: Show My Options Choose For Me Celtic Cross Creative Process Cross and Triangle Fourfold Vision Hagall One Card Relationship Shadow Truth Three Fates Twisting Path Two Paths.

Free Tarot Readings – Relationship, Celtic Cross, Star, Birthday…
Free Tarot readings are available here. The Celtic Cross, Astrological, Relationship, Planetary, Daily Tarot, Birthday, Mandala, Star, Tree of Life, Past Our Daily Tarot Spread is a three card reading, where the first card represents the forces affecting the morning, the second card represents the…

Tarot and Playing Card Readings And Meanings…
Free Tarot Card Readings – Tarot Card Meanings – Playing Card Readings – Astrology. Our playing card readings feature the Celtic Cross, Astrological, Relationship, Planetary, Birthday, Mandala, Star, Tree of Life, Past Present Future and Cross and Triangle spreads.

Tarot Card – Net Psychics
Our Tarot Reading Psychics specialize in Tarot and use the traditional Rider Waite Cards. Through your date of birth and information, they use their psychic abilities to tune into your personal energies while they shuffle their cards.

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