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meaning of the tarot card the towerThe Tower Tarot Card – Meaning, timing, & more!
The Tower. Destruction · Dramatic change · Loss and ruin · New start · Unexpected events. The Tower Tarot card.

Discover the meaning, symbols and story of the Tower tarot card.
Tower Card Symbols. A tower on a rocky outcrop, a powerful bolt of lightning, one or two figures falling from the tower, sometimes waves crashing below. Learn the Tower tarot card meaning and the rest of the card meanings, symbols and stories in our eBook.

Tower Tarot Card Meanings | Biddy Tarot
Tower Tarot Card Meanings Keywords. Upright: Disaster, upheaval, sudden change, revelation. Tower Tarot Card Meanings and Description. The Tower shows a tall tower pitched atop a craggy mountain.

Tower Tarot Card Meanings
The Tower Tarot card is all about change; usually very sudden, not-so-pleasant change. When a sudden, cataclysmic change occurs, such as what the Tower card suggests, it is an anomaly of sorts. Such a drastic upheaval means the Universe trying to wake us up from our zombie-like state.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning in Readings
The Tarot Tower card meaning in a nutshell: A spectacular ambition that ends with disaster. One legendary tower explains it – that of Babel, surely inspiring both the image and the meaning of the Tarot Tower card.

The Tower Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed | Sun Signs
The Tower Meaning In A tarot reading. The Tower is the most traumatic of all the cards that appear in the Rider Waite Tarot. It represents turmoil, rapid fire change, and tragedy.

The Tower – Tarotlore | Description and Meaning
The Tarot S. L. MacGregor Mathers. General Book of the Tarot A. E. Thierens. So the card of the Tower signifies the relation between macro- and micro-cosm and will mean rupture, sudden disillusion, disenchantment, but also it symbolises intuition, renewal, help from above and clear insight in relation…

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This card is the Tarot's way of acknowledging that the rapid transformation occurring in your world is due to forces beyond your control. The Tower card means that change all around you is more likely to be of the permanent kind.

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning – The Tower
Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning – (16) The Tower. Introduction: The Tower is a card about change. Just as with the Devil and Death, the Tower is not as frightening or as ominous as the pictorial representation in most decks.

The Tower tarot card meaning love | Counselling Brisbane Tarot Blog
The Tower Tarot card meaning When the Tower card presents itself in a tarot card reading the message is "Roll with the punches, change is imminent and there is little you can do about it – other than to go with the flow."

The Tower Tarot and its Meaning for Love, Money and Happiness
The Tower Tarot Card and its Meaning. The Tower is closely associated with the planet Mars. The image on the Tower tarot card is dark and disturbing. The tower stands tall and proud on top of a jagged mountain.

The Tower – Tarot Card Meanings -Love Project
The Meanings of the 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards – The Tower The Tower is Key 16 of the Major Arcana in a Tarot deck. Sudden change is the keynote of the Tower. This Tarot card is ruled by the planet Mars.

The Tower (Tarot card) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Tower (XVI) (most common modern name) is the 16th trump or Major Arcana card in most Italian-suited Tarot decks. It is used in game playing since the 15th as well as in divination since the mid-19th century.

The Meaning of "The Tower" Tarot Card – Free Tarot… –
The Meaning of "The Tower" Tarot Card. Ambition Ambition leads to conflict and strife. A tower is built high into the air — a symbol of personal drive and ego. Goals lie in conflict with poweful surrounding forces, and forces of nature.

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There's no getting around this one, The Tower is not a welcome card in a reading yet, at the same time, it does not warrant feelings of panic or fear. A fun and easy way to learn how to read the tarot cards … in only 12 weeks!

Meaning of Each Tarot Card, Major Arcana:The Tower
Upright: The meaning of the Tarot card, The Tower, is unmistakable. Change, without warning, is about to turn your life upside-down. This may wreak havoc on you, as the Tower's change is disruptive and even revolutionary.

The Meanings of the Tarot Cards
Here is an extremely basic rundown of the meanings of the tarot cards. 16 The Tower (Lightning): Sudden catastrophic change. 17 The Star: Hope for the future, good omen, education. 18 The Moon: Confusion, loss of control.

The Tower Tarot Card Meanings & Combinations
Tower Tarot Card Meanings: Most people are familiar with the image of The Tower and most of us prefer not to see it in our readings. Just as we never know exactly where lightning is going to strike, the upheaval this card can bring is usually sudden and unexpected.

Death, The Devil & The Tower: The Truth in these Tarot Cards
A look at the scariest Tarot cards — Death, The Tower, and The Devil — and their not-so-scary meanings.

Tarot Cards – The Tower | Divinatory meaning Upright – Disruption.
Tarot Cards – The Tower. The Tower (La Maison Dieu) The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty. Card Number: 16 Key Number: 27 Rulership: Mars Hebrew Letter: Peh Translation: Mouth Numerical Value: 9. Divinatory meaning Upright – Disruption.

Tarot Card Meanings
Intro to Card Meanings. Introduction. This section of the ATA website contains my personal interpretations of the 78 Tarot cards. This information is not taken from any books or Internet documents, but based on my personal experience.

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The Tower Card in Tarot The Tower Card in Tarot. courtesy of The Psychic Internet. The image portrayed on the Tower card can be upsetting to to those who are unfamiliar with its meaning. … beginning, which is the general meaning of the Tower.

The Tower Card XVI of the Tarot (c) 1997 by Michael Star
Understanding the meaning of The Tower card XVI in the Tarot deck. This was an event which illustrates many of the themes mentioned in this article on the meaning of The Tower card of the Tarot.

The Tower – Tarot Card Meaning
Discover the history and meaning of The Tower Tarot Card, from – the best place to get a FREE Tarot Reading! In the Tower card we see, predictably, a tower. Not just any tower, but a tower in the midst of being toppling.

The Tower, Tarot Card Meaning Interpretations for Major Arcana
No matter what tarot deck it is, the tower usually comes right after the devil card, and is always seen as an ill omen. If the tower card is found in the relationship section of a four point spread, then this means that your relationship will most likely end, and violently.

Meaning of Each Tarot Card
Classic Tarot Card Meanings. The tarot cards are broken down into two distinct categories, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Tower (XVI): A harbinger of unexpected, and sometimes cataclysmic change, the Tower card depicts a very clear scene; two people are literally thrown out of…

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Home › Tarot Cards › The Tower. This means that one or both of you are going to go through something that is going to cause you to change every aspect of the relationship.

Tarot Card for Friday: How The Tower Can Spice Up Your Life
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The Tower – Tarot card Meaning | Tarot Explained
The Tower usually means something unexpected and disastrous will happen, so be aware. You might not want to think about it, but is there a chance your partner has been cheating on you, lying, or intends to leave? Everything is free on!

The Tower Tarot Card Meanings and Descriptions
In-depth meaning: There are a number of cards in Tarot that depict change, because change is one of the most fundamental and consistent parts of life. The Tower will inevitably crumble and only the Subject can limit the resultant damage.

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