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Lady Wonder (1924-1957) was a horse that was purported to have psychic abilities. Over 150 thousand people came to consult the horse at the price of three questions for one dollar.

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Psychic Horse 03:46. A psychic horse with the ability to spell gives a missing boy's location. From: Mysteries at the Museum,Psychic Horse, Strange Story of Rubber, Pulaski Axe, with Psychic Horse 03:46. Tootsie Roll Escape 02:24. Adrift in the Atlantic 02:28.

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10 thoughts on " Lady Wonder, the Psychic Horse " Carole Jennings June 3, 2014 at 4:17 pm. What an interesting story… I've never heard of Lady Wonder!!

I would have liked to have observed Lady Wonder, the Mind Reading Mare for myself. Was the horse amazingly gifted? Or was her owner an amazing trainer? In either event, this mare's skills were freakish. Have you read about Lady Wonder the Psychic Horse? Lady Wonder and Claudia Fonda.

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The horse Lady Wonder was big news between 1926 until her death in 1957. She was know as the psychic horse, mind reading horse and a psychic crime detective

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Mare Lady Wonder, declared genuine by experts after extensive testing, had telepathic and precognitive abilities, as documented in books and the media.

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Unknown said… Assessment of Lady Wonder's alledged psychic skill by at least two university professors involved careful control of variables that could cue the horse.

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Lady Wonder: The Telepathic Horse The year was either 1924 or 1925, depending on which sources you check into. At any rate, a farm wife named C. D. Fonda, of Richmond, Virginia, saw something she desperately wanted: a two-week-old foal.

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Lady Wonder the psychic horse. 8 likes. Lady Wonder was a mind reading horse who was born in 1924, she helped solve many mysteries and always knew what…

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psychic animals. In a nutshell: … Here we'll mention just four: a dog named Jaytee, a parrot named N'kisi, a cat named Oscar, and a horse named Lady Wonder. … Lady Wonder didn't lose her psychic ability. She never had it in the first place.

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In the early 1920s, a Richmond, Virginia woman named Claudia Fonda started noticing something unusual about her horse, Lady Wonder. The animal would often come to her without being beckoned, as if she knew, telepathically, that Fonda was looking for her.

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The Amazing Psychic Horse Whisperer. 282 likes. World reknowned horse psychic, author of the best selling books, "Straight From the Horse's Mouth … My sincere apologies to the lady from Saturday whose Warmblood told me about her husband's affair with their dressage rider.

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Lady Wonder: Psychic or Hoax? Isn't Smart Enough Horse don't have enough brain capacity Easy to ques Can see 60 degrees behind them But Lady Wonder is a Hoax!

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Psychic Pets and Pet Psychics. Tweet; Investigative Files Joe Nickell … was taken in by a supposedly telepathic horse named Lady Wonder. Rhine believed Lady actually had psychic power and he set up a tent near her Virginia barn so he could scientifically study her apparent abilities.

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Lady Wonder: The Psychic Horse Soon after a Richmond, Virginia, woman named Mrs. Lord purchased a two-week-old filly in 1925, the animal began to behave in odd ways.

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In December 1952, Richmond's Lady Wonder indicated that a mute 6-year-old Rhode Island boy, missing for more than two months, was alive but hurt and could be found in Kansas. Lady had developed a reputation as a psychic horse (visit the From the Archives blog to read about her), and the boy's

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In Richmond, Virginia, one Mrs. C.D. Fonda owned a horse named 'Lady Wonder' reputed to possess psychic powers. In the journal of 'Abnormal and Social Psy­chology', Volume 23 (1929), on page 449-466 there appeared an article headed "An investigation of a Mind-reading Horse" by Dr. J.B. Rhine …

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Lady Wonder the Psychic Wonder! Horses and other animals have demonstrated psychic ability, which is termed 'anpsi' and is part of the paranormal realm. … One striking case is that of he horse Lady Wonder, …

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A look at Lady wonder, the amazing psychic horse

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Of all the famous horses, Lady Wonder was among the most unique. She was believed to be psychic. In 1924, Lady Wonder was purchased in Richmond, Virginia, by Mrs. Claudia D. Fonda, a woman who already had a roster of Shetland ponies and would teach easy tricks to them.

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LADY ZARA: The Horse Healing Equestrian. Last month I asked if any reader had an interesting psychic/supernatural pets story that I may be able to use in my book: PARANORMAL PETS published by Amazon/Kindle.

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Horse Psychic, Dog Psychics Animal Communicators There are people with a rare gift. This gift enables them to understand what your horse is thinking and feeling.

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Psychic horse I got the following story in my e-mail this morning from the Virginia Horse Industry Newsletter. … The psychic abilities of Richmond mare Lady Wonder are still relayed and revered in 2009 — 85 years after she was born.

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Are Horse Psychics Real? How to find a good Horse Pshchic – I give free horse Psychic readings over the internet – I also discuss checking your horse's poop for worms, blood or undigested food.

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Horse lady, – who is your communicator? I would love to know! As she must be in contact with these horses regularly! My communicator is from Canada, but she is accross the country from me. … Horse psychic – kinda hard to swallow.

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Pedigree for Psychic Lady, photos and offspring from the All Breed Horse Pedigree Database.

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Arabian Horses Waterhole Hot spot PSYCHIC LADY . close. Arabian Essence | Arabian Horses online directory . Login | Newsletter | Search. Menu. … website and portal development service which is dedicated exclusively to the Arabian horse and is aimed towards improving and optimizing …

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Animal Communication with Jackie Weaver Celebrity Animal Psychic.

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Susan Deren Animal Communicator offers Horse Readings to riders and trainers. She was featured on ABC-TVs Boston affiliate stations CHRONICLE.

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JRH Psychic Lady is a Female Chestnut Arabian. Learn more about JRH Psychic Lady and many others on Pedegru.

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